this is my face ' if you dont like it ' get off my page (: if you do like it ' feel free to leave a comment in my ask <3


let me just tell you about the love of my life ❤️ @jessepapenhausen  | #hesperfect #mylove #allmine #bejealous #heshot #futurehubby #hateonus
kahleabelonia: You are absolutely gorgeous :-( I love your hair. Follow for follow? :-)

of course <3 and you are beautiful also :) never think different xx

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i may not be beautiful, but i will make you feel like the prince you are &lt;3
Like my makeup guys? it&#8217;s for my boyfriends football game today! our school colors are black and gold! good for New Year&#8217;s Eve too&#160;! lemme know if you want a video or picture tutorial!:)

no body could ever understand how much this guy right here means to me. he’s my bestfriend, my world. he’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I am the luckiest girl &lt;3 @jessepapenhausen
hey guys if your interested I&#8217;m selling these three things on eBay. please check them out! I in desperate need of college money! check em out?:) tell your friends!! in the US only please!  if you buy one or more of my items you will get PROMOS like crazy to my 2k+
love you hataaaas;)